" no receiver available for this session"

I really want this to work but I am about to give up as my 30 days of free guide data are about to expire and I can’t see spending the money renew, when no matter what I do I can’t ever seem to just seamlessly enjoy a recording and that’s after 5 minutes of trying to make it work.

So I hard wired the Tablo to the switch because for some unknown reason the Tablo really seams to struggle with WIFI, even when connected to the 5G side of the AC1900 router it’s still slow but that’s not Todays issue as hard wiring seems to have speed things up. I tired to play back a show on my laptop and it either kept getting stuck in the “initializing” loop or it would display the error " no receiver available for this session" What the heck does that error even mean ? I searched the forms and came up empty handed

The show recorded, as I am able to watch it on my phone no problem but it won’t chromecast and it won’t play on my laptop. No the problem is not the chromecast, I know others have had issues but the only thing that ever has issues with the chromecast is the Tablo, I have casted 1080p movies from my laptop no problem so it’s not the limited bandwith of the chromecast.

If I can’t make this a little more seamless the family won’t go for it and I might as well list the thing for sale

If within 30 days, you can return it for a full refund too.

Do you have a Roku, Fire TV or Nexus Player to try playback on? I really never liked my Chromecast, worst device I’ve ever used.

I get flawless playback on a Roku 3 Model 4200, Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, iPad Air and iPhone 5 and 6.

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I purcahsed a Roku 2 last night but I have yet to hook it up, as I understand it the the 2 and the 3 share the same hardware and the only difference is the remote. I almost watched a complete 720 recording of NCIS last night on the chromecast in my bedroom, I made it to 54 minutes before it needed to buffer

If you want to be able to view videos using the Chromecast they have to be recorded in the 720p (Chromecast/roku) setting, not just the 720p setting. The Chromecast is not powerful enough to handle 1080p video from the Tablo. Even the 720p video is too much for it sometimes. But my recommendation is to get a Nexus Player. It’s worth the extra price to make the annoyance of stopping and buffering go away

I can view other 720/1080 videos on the chromecast no problem… The MP4 files are at least 1 GB per hour , but anyhow I was receiving the error while trying to view the show on my laptop in the web app. I watched a few show last night on the hardwired ROKU 2 and that seemed to work pretty well

Please read the article below. Tablo 1080p is 4.6 GB per hour. Your are comparing apples and oranges - that is A LOT higher bitrate vs your 1 GB per hour. Which is likely why your Chromecast is struggling. This is especially confirmed by the Roku being able to play the recordings fine.

The “720p Roku / Chromecast” recording quality corresponds to your MP4 files with 1 GB per hour - coincidence there? I think not.

As for your computer - are you accessing my.tablotv.com through the Chrome browser?