No network channels!

I have a Tablo Quad which has been working fine for months. The other day, I noticed that my recordings were failing due to weak signal. I rescanned my channels in Tablo and lost most of them! None of the major networks come through - just PBS, ion, and a few religious stations.

We have 1 heavy duty antenna in the attic which has been there for 5+ years. It is the “input” for all the cable connections in the house. That is, we just connect our TVs into the wall with coax cable and we get OTA channels. I had the Tablo on a spitter with one of our TVs so i thought the splitter might be the problem. So I plugged the Tablo directly into the wall (coax). When I rescan I get 7 to 19 channels even though all of our TVs get 60+ channels.

At several places in the house, I tested the channel reception on the tv, unplugged coax from tv and put into Tablo and rescan. Same result at all locations. Tv gets 60 channels, Tablo gets much less. Any idea why this started happening this week?

We’ve had a Tablo on our network for 3+ years. Although the Quad is relatively new, we’ve never had this problem. Is it related to the “copyright infringement” issue? Help! The Tablo is a critical part of our cord cutting ecosystem!

Your antenna probably is connected to a distribution amplifier/splitter. It’s possible that your amplifier has failed, but it is still splitting the signal for all of your outlets. The signal your TV is receiving may be just good enough to consistently provide a good picture. The Tablo Quad takes that signal and splits it 4 ways again, which may explain why your Tablo doesn’t receive as many channels.

The first thing I would check is your distribution/amplifier. It’s also possible that your antenna may have a preamp installed at the antenna. This could also explain the drop in signal strength if it has failed. It’s also possible that it may only be the power supply to one of these devices that has failed and that replacing only the power brick may solve your problem.

Good luck.

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This is not a technical thing at all. I understand this is more of a marketing issue.

As for your sudden problems, others may come along with some - maybe try this - suggestions, while others may know what you can do to alienate your dilemma.

Did you hit ‘Add to Guide’ at the end of the channel scan, or are you not seeing them in the scan at all?

The channels did not show up at all. Turned out that the antenna in the attic fell. My husband repositioned it and the channels are back. I am also going to be investing in a better amp because a few are still missing. Any suggestions?