No more weak signal error after reverting to 2.2.8

When watching live TV I was getting the weak signal error daily on different channels. Support identified an issue and said they are hopeful to have a fix in a future release. On Thursday morning I reverted back to 2.2.8 and have not had the issue since. Support seemed pretty adamant that it would happen on the previous version as well but I didn’t have it prior to upgrading and haven’t had it since reverting.

Glad it’s working for you now.
I’m on the latest beta and my fix was to rescan the channels and add them again. Haven’t had a weak signal error since.

Interesting. I never initiated the upgrade from 2.2.8 to 2.2.10.
No issues whatsoever using Nexus Player (WiFi)…

Same here. I was on 2.2.10 with lots of weak signal and disconnects. Now I’m on 2.2.8 with no issues. I’m glad support finally acknowledged the problem.

Reboots also seem to have stopped for me after updating to the 2.2.11 beta.

interesting that support said they are still seeing the same error and asked to remote in to verify. The only thing I have seen a couple of times was a loading please wait…on two different days after watching a program for awhile. Did not get booted to the guide and see the weak signal error with a spontaneous reboot of the tablo though.

Three different scenarios from three different posts. Are you listening Tablo? What’s the final verdict?

they got my logs again today. Nothing back from them yet. They said to notify them of any unexpected behavior. I have had a couple of loading please wait… on one station today but that’s about it. No spontaneous reboots, no weak signal error.

I just got my Tablo last Friday 8-5-2016. Got it set up & was working fabulously until last night 8-9-2016. Got home & could not watch a single channel on Tablo. Was getting the same weak signal error message on all channels. I have a strong OTA signal, connected to router by ethernet cable & all other streaming media still working flawlessly.

Any help/suggestions are appreciated.

@rccolts We should be able to narrow this down quickly if you touch base with our support team. Just include the MAC or serial number of your Tablo in your ticket, and we’ll be able to take a look right away:


I submitted a request last night with the MAC# included.

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Rescan the channels and add them again.

Give it a whirl.

There are times that rescanning channels can leave a user completely befuddled.

Here is a prime example. I have a 2 tuner tablo - I actually have 2. I have channels that are LOS at 20 miles and that I know the tablo is handling properly with no problem. I can take an idle tablo and rescan and the channel doesn’t even show up. Or it will show up with 1 red.

I immediately rescan again and it shows up with top power - 5 greens.

With a 2-tuner I can start 2 recordings and stop one and rescan and get different results then if I then start a recording and stop the other recording for the rescan.

Thanks! I’ll try that.

I got an official reply from Tablo Support. They seem to think it is my hard drive (WD 1 TB Elements). From what they described & from what I’ve read here in another topic it could be the issue. Something about the HD repeatedly dropping & reconnecting that is causing the issue. They suggested disconnecting the HD & attempt to watch a live broadcast & see if that solves it. But having the DVR is one of the reasons I purchased the Tablo.

Hope I can get this figured out because up until last night I was really enjoying it. But as most can understand, if it can’t be counted on to work flawlessly then…

All Tablo support is suggesting is to try running the Tablo without the drive for a short period as a test to see whether the drive itself is the problem. They’re not suggesting to run the Tablo forever without any drive. If the drive is the problem (if confirmed by a test), the solution would be to get another drive and continue using the Tablo as a DVR.

I have had no problems over 2 yrs with the seagate 2TB portable ubs drive from Costco -$79

They had me do the same thing. Pulled drive, still weak signal errors and reboots. Put drive back on. Same thing. Tried rescan and didn’t add channels, same problem. Tried rescan and added channels. No problems since.

Worth a shot, IMO. :wink:

Disconnecting the HD worked. Table is running live TV again, but it is unfortunate that I am having issues with the WD hard drive. Now I’m supposed to spend another $60+ dollars for a different HD.

Someone else posted that the issue only started after the 2.2.10 update & that going back to 2.2.8 resolved the issue, how do I go back to running 2.2.8?

reverting to 2.2.8 won’t help if it’s your hard drive.

There is an issue with 2.2.10 that Tablo denies exists that cause it to say the HD is bad and reboot. Many people have reported that the issue goes away when reverting to 2.2.8. To do that, send support a note asking them to roll you back to 2.2.8. If that resolves it, then it is the bug they say doesn’t exist. If it does not, then it probably really is the hard drive.