No more TiVo boxes?

TiVo exiting the hardware business?

seems like that would hurt the Tivo model. Not sure why they would do that.

I interpreted the “Tivo” model to horde patents and make profit for investors. No surprise to me.

The way I understood it as that Tivo was going to get out of the manufacturing business but that doesnt mean no more Tivo Boxes… Sort of Like Android TV and Nvidia Shield… Android still maintains the OS, but Nvidia builds the box.

Rovi is looking to make Tivo a software company only, farm out the hardware. They would probably stay involved at the beginning as far as engineering (at least partially) the box to ensure it keeps with the quality standards set so far but eventually they would hope to have enough other Manufacturers building the boxes that they would simply dictate minimum requirements and let someone else worry about the rest.

While they march on with their business model = patent infringement litigation.

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“Not sure why they would do that.”
Because they’ve sold their soul to the devil.

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