No Live TV on Roku but android phone ok, on windows 10 tablo crashes before 30 seconds

I am about to toss my Tablo into the trash bin. Do not have time for this. Two weeks ago everything worked great (every so often i would have a weak signal, weather). Now no stations come thru on my Roku. Most of the Live TV schedule has grey slashes but the two channels that show a schedule give me a weak signal error. I can go onto my phone’s tablo app and watch the same channel that gave me the error on the roku. And i can go onto my computer (windows 10) and watch the channel for a few seconds then the tablo crashes, blue light flashing. Now a course the above may not be true in 10 minutes. Nothing is stable. Last night tablo recorded 17 seconds of a show. It was crystal clear and sounded great. The whole 17 seconds. Have not been able to use Tablo for about two weeks now. Do not seem to be getting anywhere with support.
They did fix my initial problem of no or little Live TV schedule and no Recording showing on phone or computer. I let support into a Tablo.
And if i disconnect the antenna for tablo and connect to tv everything look great.

It’s quite possible there is a hardware issue. Check with Tablo support.

@Alfred We agree with @cjcox - you’re getting some odd results. Give our team a shout ASAP, and we’ll get this fixed up.