No internet setup

I just rec’d my Tablo Quad today and am anxious to use it tonight!

However, my internet is out! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Can I just hook it up to one TV to record programs from there without using the internet abilities?

TIA before I go crazy trying!

How? You’d want an HDMI Dual for that… you got a Quad

Thank you but will the Quad work like that since direct hookup is not what it was built for?

“by design” – How would you “hook it up” to any TV? There just isn’t any “output” on your tablo which your TV would consider an input. You’re best option would be to hook up your antenna to your TV and get reliable internet access, if possible.

I agree, requiring internet access to watch free OTA content is flubbed up.

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Just wait, it did not like my SSD so I just left it one until I got another one to continue the process.

It is only needed for the extended table and commercial skip which does not work anyway.