No hard drive connected

I’ve been using my Tablo 2 tuners with no issues for the last 3 months. Yesterday while watching a movie it’s stopped with a no harddrive connected message. I was not able to get it back even rebooting/resetting Tablo and the HD.

This morning without doing anything it’s working fine… Any ideas?

Using a FANTOM HDS722020ALA330 2.10 (2000 GB) with Tablo 2.2.8


My Tablo stopped working tonight…, led slowly flashing even after a reboot.

Is my Tablo dying on me ?

Slowly flashing like a heart beat means the Tablo has not connected to your network, please reboot your router.

Ok thanks, Tablo is back online. Any idea of what caused the “no harddrive detected” ?

Very interesting that I had the exact problem you’re stating just a few days ago. Unfortunately, when I was finally able to (after multiple reboots) it lost 90% of my recordings. Strangely, SOME of the old recordings were there with most being gone. We should be able to back up our own Tablo database or have it stored in the cloud if we’re a monthly subscriber.