No Guide Showing

Have everything working fine, but the guide will not show what’s on or upcoming programs. I searched all over prior to posts on how to resolve this. Tried all the normal fixes.

Subscription is active, etc etc etc. under tablo on the menu, under guide Channel Lineup shows “0 Channels”. When I click on that it says No channels were found in your area, select which channels to add to your guide. Use the recommended ones for the best experience.

I’ve rescanned and tried to add multiple times.

I’m just south of Detroit and am getting all of the channels I expected, but this is worthless without the guide.

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Try rescanning with a different nearby zip code. Maybe the guide provider’s data is messed up.

Mine did this yesterday. Unplug it and let it reboot. My guide showed up then.

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Did that. No luck.

I’ll give it a go.

If a reboot doesn’t fix the issue, send our support team a ticket and we can take a look.