No guide data after channel (CHOT-DT) migrated to a new frequency

As part of the repurposing of the 600 mhz band, the CHOT-DT channel moved from channel 40.1 to 32.1. I’m not getting any guide data information on the new channel.

And… related to that… Do I need to re-record things on this channel, or is the transition handled by the Tablo automatically ?

Same here, no data after 2 days. The guide data supplier probably doesn’t know the channel have changed.
Tablo, can you please look at this? CHOT in the Gatineau / Ottawa region.

You need to rescan and the “add to guide” to use the new frequency

If the guide data is still missing log a case with tablo support.

Once the scanning and guide data is sorted your recording should go off as scheduled.

I already sent an email to Tablo Support about not having guide data for CHOT.

So far, no reply.

since the display channel was changedin addition to the broadcast frequency, you need to notify Tabloso they cannotify Gracenote, their guide provider.

They are closed on weekends, so they have to go thrutheir mailbox. First in, first responded to. Monday’s are the worse day for email. You might try calling them at 844-822-5688 toll free

While waiting the 3 = 6 days, you can do manual recordings.

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@TabloSupport, any update on this ?

We’ve just filed this case for you. When it comes to missing guide data, it’s best to
send our support team a ticket so that we can open a case specifically for channels in your area that undergo changes.

I already open a support ticket Monday last week.

On that note, I noticed that clicking on the Channel identifier in the left most column in the Live TV grid doesn’t allow me to watch that channel. I get a Player Error message. Any other Channel works but not this one. I can schedule a Manual Recording and the recording is fine.

I’ve tried with the Web app, the Windows 10 Tablo app and the Apple TV app but I get the same error message.

The workaround I’ve used was to schedule a manual recording for the time I want to watch that channel and that works.

Seems to be either a bug or a problem with the channel’s signal.

Apologies, I was replying to there OP of the thread. These types of tickets need to be filed individually.

Don’t hesitate to respond to our support team from there for any updates on the missing guide data for your case. As far as the issue you’re seeing with playing the channel live, it sounds like there’s something up. Our team would be happy to help with this, too - just reply to your ticket with the details.

Just replied to my ticket with the details of the problem watching the channel.

Hopefully, we’ll find out what the problem could be.