No FF/REW functions on iOS webb app

Rather than tag onto the bottom of old threads, I’ll start this new one.

Essentially I’m able to bring up recordings on the ios app on my iPhone 6, iOS 10.3.3, but I don’t get the option for FF. I’ve looked at various recordings, Live TV, and I only get the standard buttons for GoTo beginning, Goto End, and Play/Pause.

I’ve seen older threads that mentioned this (like this one) but there was not a solution. So not sure how to fix.

My config:
iPhone 6, ios 10.3.3
Tablo 4 tuner
Netgear NightHawk Router

Pull down on the track ball at the top to control the scrubbing speed before moving right or left. Seams to work better now that I’m on IOS 11.

Similar with apple tv, pressing pause brings up the time line and swiping left and right allows you to scrub the timeline.