No fanbios here

@adam1991 I am not or have no fanbios for my tablo. There are some areas I am unhappy other aspects are disappointing. Overall, it generally does what it’s suppose to do and I’ve found ways to work around some of it’s “issues”.

I’m not a typical user, most would find this to be waay to much, it works for me. I don’t have true high-speed internet, I don’t have (or ever want) proprietary streaming devices. I have media-center pc’s on my tv’s and old-skool file sharing is pain free. I use a 3rd party app to get the recid from the tablo recordings and either stream shows via my media player or encode them to my local drive for whenever (giving them the exact name I want).

Just fight with the web app to confirm scheduling. If/when there’s a conflict I use the hack I found in the forum to modify the HTML and adjust the start/end time a minute either way - manually each time.

Not being typical, the tablo might not be ideal enough for me to have a fanbios but I wouldn’t complain individually if it’s over-the-top for someone else.

…just say’n

Ok not really sure what you are asking about but if it makes you happy …

Ive never had any sort of conflict nor have I needed to resort to “html” hacks as you suggest? …

Maybe if you are going thru this much effort then the Tablo is not the device for you, life is short and there are other options that might work better for how you prefer to consume your entertainment … Im serious, its not worth bending over backwards if (thats what I think you are saying) you have to do … Maybe a Tivo or even a channelmaster might be better for you.

Amazon also sells a number of cheap dumb OTA recorders that just use the EPG data from PBS and dump the raw mpeg-2 stream to disk… that might be better for what it sounds like you are trying to accomplish, or perhaps go with the Plex DVR option.


I’m guessing too proprietary… MythTV I’m sure would be a better fit

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Not sure either.

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It’s not my suggestion, @joedv explained it in New Recording Features. There are several topic regarding conflict resolution… it seems to be an issue for others too. For me, it’s usually the one minute overlap between shows.

It’s what I do. Some copy N paste, a couple shell scripts… It’s not point and click a remote - take what you get, so most would find it too much.

The software I used is no longer developed and move on, so here I am for now. In the past plex was too cumbersome, now, DVR option is a premium option.

But the software you used still runs.

Why not use it?

It runs… on outdated operating systems. me-tv was released for ubuntu 14.04 (technically it’s OFL is April 201) or debian 8 jessie which lost it’s security updates in June and is know as oldstable.

The multi-media requirements developed on, the old ones left behind so me-tv doesn’t run under recent releases… and I didn’t care to run an old computer and new computer any more.

All is not lost yet, there has been a rewrite of me-tv by another developer… initially no recording option. Shortly after I got my tablo, he has been working with / developing under gstreamer and wrote me-tv-record!! It still needs polished and refined… it’s in it’s infancy.