No conflict found if start and end time is adjusted

I had a recording fail with a “No Tuner Available” error, after investigating why I could not find more than 4 recordings only 3.
then I noticed 1 30min show was 37 min long because it had the start and end times adjusted.
still this should have not been any issue but it got me digging deeper.
I found that I can schedule 4 shows to record at the same time even if the start and end times overlap due to an adjustment in record settings.
This would cause this issue, and there is no conflict found!

Are you by chance using the 1080 @ 10Mbps recording quality? If so, this would likely explain your issue. You can read the details of this setting and how it works here.

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Yes, I am using the 10Mbps quality setting.

However, the bellow statement from that link leads me to that this was not the cause.
Unless the fail safe did not work correctly!

If a tuner cannot be reserved, (i.e, if four recordings are occurring at once), Tablo will automatically record the last scheduled airing at 30fps instead of 60fps.

This is only the in the event that a tuner could not be reserved due some kind of timing issue. In your case, the tuner was reserved, which is why you only had access to 3 tuners at the time, causing the 4th recording to fail - which is the expected result. To avoid this in the future, switching to the 1080 @ 8Mbps setting will resolve the issue.