No Channels?

Ok, so I hooked up the Tablo 4 tuner, connected via the webapp, it checked my location (I entered the zip), and on the channel scan I go NO channels?  WTH?  Is this normal?  I mean, I was unsure if I would get all of my channels, but none?  Just as a point of reference, my Tivo and WMC have no problem getting all the channels.  Help!

Oh, also, when it gets zero channels, I have a button to rescan.  Clicking that does nothing.  Any ideas?

Further info… just for giggles, I fired up my android tablet and connected to the Tablo that way.  I got a notice of an update (and I assume it was a update for the Tablo box, not the app, as the box was flashing.  So after that update, I then go to scan via the app.  The Tablo starts blinking and… nothing.

If this requires some sort of wait, I can show patience, but not knowing is kinda nuts.

Ok, did it again, and this time I see the blue bar moving across the top.  I still get zero channels.

Edit:  Changing to another antenna input did zip.  Re-hooking it up to the original location, same results, except now I can click the channel rescan.  Still get no channels.  I’m thinking I got a bogus tuner here as one would think I could get something out of a channel scan.  

Quickly, quickly… there’s no time… hand me a fly swatter to whack all these bugs that just fell out of it!  (lame humor attempt)

So I unplugged everything and let it set for a bit.  Then, just for kicks I plugged it in again.  Now I got a channel scan that actually shows channels.  Maybe it needed to get comfy in its new surroundings.  Go figure.

I’ll say it again… Quickly, quickly…  ;)