No channels during scan

Tablo has suddenly stopped finding channels during a scan. Moving coax cable to a tv finds 40+. Factory reset has not solved the issue. Leading up to this I noticed that the tuner was finding less channels until it finally went to zero. Any ideas?

Broken lead in the connector. If you tighten the cable to tight then try to remove it sometimes the connector turns and snaps the wire off inside the connector. Did you notice this happening?
I was able to repair my original 2-tuner by replacing the broken lead from the connector to the PCB. I do not know if its possible on the newer models. Other then that an internal hardware failure. Log a call with Tablo support and see if they can provide more info.

I didn’t notice that happening, but’s it’s possible. I took the unit apart to see if anything had came apart, but There didn’t appear to be any wires in the board…that did or did not come off. There was housing around the back of the tuner…I suppose that I could try to take that apart in case that exposed any connections.

When you did yours was it obvious when you took the cover off?

While you have it apart connect a piece of coax and with a multi meter check continuity from the center wire on the coax to the pin of the connector on the PCB.

The 2-tuner the back of the connector is a RF shield held on with solder. Heat both sides and it can come off. Then you have access to the connector wire to the PCB.

I removed the shield and it’s connected. Did a multimeter test and it’s working.

Some other form of hardware issue?

That would be my guess, since your positive that the cable/antenna works OK. Maybe Tablo support can tell you more from the logs.

We can take a look, just send us a note!