No changes at all but keep getting weak signal

I have the Mohu Leaf 50 in my attic. Runs directly to the Tablo. The Leaf does have a signal amplifier of course.
Nothing has changed at all but the channels I have always gotten for over a year now are very often getting weak signal error or reloading.

Even the closest local channel is frequently bad.
When I rescan one of the channels I have always gotten perfectly doesn’t come up.

Weather wise there is nothing I can attribute it to. Today is clear as a bell out and two channels I normally get aren’t available and my local channel is breaking up. This all started maybe a month ago or more intermittently.
In the past weather has never really been an issue with these channels either.

Is there anything in the Tablo end that might have happened?
I’ve checked the antenna in the attic and all connections. Did a number of Tablo quick resets etc.
I’m receiving Tablo via my Roku. All other Roku apps work great. I’ve deleted and reinstalled Tablo too.

I’m at a loss!

Have your tried connecting the antenna directly to the HDTV?

Most often this is caused by some kind of extra interference. Feel free to adjust your antenna, you’ll probably want to use a TV to make those adjustments. No guarantees. I know my antenna varies based on time of day, weather and what the neighbors are doing. Of course broadcasters can lower their power output and do so all the time.

Thanks to you both.
I got it fixed and it was delayed user error!

I took to heart the suggestion of at least checking the adjustment of my antenna.

Checked the site that gives the exact coordinates of the main channels I was looking for. After adjusting it more true south west things improved immediately. I wasn’t even true south before. Just a hair SE.

A rescan right after the 15 minute check and adjust got all the channels at all green and pulled quite a few more channels.

I guess my ignorance that really being accurate on aim with an antenna, especially a small one like the Leaf was a good lesson learned.

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