No CC on iOS?

I know the closed captions are still in Beta but I am not seeing any captions at all on my iPad.  Honestly, I am not sure which way the toggle should be to show captions (blue or white) but I am not seeing captions on either setting.

I decided to do a test.  I recorded Under the Dome last night.  I watched it on my iPad and could get no closed captions at all.  Occasionally when skipping ahead the would appear but not always.

I tried watching the same recording on my Roku and the captions worked.  Granted, there were some glitches but at least they were there.  So it’s not the station or the recording.  For some reason I’m not getting captions on the iPad app, at least not on everything.

@NapMan We expect CC performance to increase soon - we’ve got a handful of improvements coming to help us reduce some of these ‘friction points’ that we’re confident will help iron out things like this… Closed captioning is important to us, too - we just need some time to iron it out and bring it out of beta.