No audio Web App

2 days ago the Web App worked fine. As of yesterday I still have video but no audio. I have audio using Plex and audio with any mp4 file or internet news feature…

Did you enable “Surround Sound” recently? If you did, anything recorded with this enabled will not have any audio when using a browser.



Thanks… now fixed

I get no audio on my Android Samsung Note 9 when Surround Sound is selected. What video players support this feature so I can use the surround sound feature on my system?

You can find the detailed breakdown here.

You can use the OTA2go app instead of the Tablo android app on your phone. Just make sure you set OTA2go to use VLC as the external player.

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The Note 9 isn’t one of the select Android models that support SS? It’s fairly new.

MX Player also works well with ota2GO in case you prefer it over VLC.