No Audio on playback

Hey tablo Plex devs,
First off thanks for the Plex app for tablo. I love using Plex so its nice having recordings all within an app on my nexus 5 phone.

The only issue I’m having is audio doesn’t play for my recordings while on phone or casting to Chromecast. The video playback is great though. Curious if anyone has experienced this.

Thanks guys!

@starkec Wow, that is a new one, The first thing I can think to try is turning off Direct Play in the plex app’s settings, then if it still doesn’t work try turning off Direct Stream. Let me know if either of those resolves the problem. 

Going to piggyback back on this thread even though its a bit old. I am having the exact same problem: no audio when trying to use Chromecast. I have switched off direct play and direct stream and the problem persists. Any suggestions?


Me too.