No Audio on only 1 Fire TV Stick

Been through the threads here but cant find a solution.

Tablo app works fine with othe TV’s, Fire Stick Max and Roku TV app. All my recordings play fine, no problems.

The TV with a Fire Stick Lite works fine with Tablo live TV and other applications, so I know the audio works fine. When I try to play a Tablo recording made after Nov 1, 2021 there is no audio. Recordings prior to this date work just fine.

I have factory reset the Fire TV stick Lite and reinstalled the Tablo app from Amazon store but same problem, no Audio on recordings made after Nov 1. Turned off surround sound on the Tablo box but still the same problem.

All devices have the latest App updates and the Tablo box is at the most current FW version.

Any Suggestions?

Hi @jka48,

It’s possible your issue might be fixed with the newest Fire TV app version (2.1.13). It should be available today or in the next few days, which fixed a minor AC3 surround sound audio problem.