Nielsen association

Does Tablo track what we are watching ?

Perhaps the data can be sold to Nielsen providing an income stream to keep the company going.

@dtablo - We can get aggregate data on what shows have been recorded but Nielsen does things a bit differently. They track via boxes inside the homes of folks as well as through diaries. 

Your idea is interesting but don’t worry about us. Things are going quite well… Just need to keep growing our install base :D 

Nielsen/Arbitron also has lots of users that carry around “portable people meters”.  These meters (looks like a pager) pick up signals in radio and TV broadcasts and store what was being watched and listened to.  Then every night the data is transmitted to their servers.

I was a Nielsen rep for a short period of time. The Pager is the Arbitron side of things, the TV is as stated with their own equipment that they hook up while you log in when ya watch. Not sure how a Tablo home would work with the Nielsen box. It may actually disqualify the home from participation. Their techs are really good so if there is a way…I am sure they could find it. Probably using the Roku or such…

There was an AMA from a manager at Nielsen on Reddit last week. Definitely a neat read: