Nice forum software - what is it?

This is nice forum software, and it’s not a kind I’ve seen before. It’s got some unusual features, and it formats perfectly on my phone (thanks!).

Usually forum software has a copyright notice at the bottom of the page, saying where it came from. But if this one does, I don’t see it.

Did you (Tablo) guys custom-write this forum software? There seem to be some seriously skilled programmers behind this product. Just wondering.

I think it’s by Wordpress. If you go the Terms of Service page, and go to the bottom, there’s a link to Wordpress and it looks like that might be their platform. Just guessing though. And just FYI, the Tablo team works M-F so any weekend replies are just by us users and not official Tablo posts. Sometimes I don’t what the heck I’m talking about…:wink:

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It’s Discourse:

You can tell by looking at the page HTML source. This is in the headers:


I should have thought of looking at the source. Thanks.

Thanks for the info. I’d never have looked there…