NFL scheduled show no longer set to record

I have had this happen for three weeks now, so there is something screwy going on.

I set up the Titans game to record usually a week ahead of time. It will be listed fine for a few days, but at some point midweek, the game is no longer set to be recorded. I then have to set it again, and that one sticks.

I know that the games can change midweek as CBS and FOX finalize the markets where each game will be seen, but Nashville will always get the Titans game.

Is this happening to anyone else? If so, can the Tablo folks figure out what is going on? I failed to record one game already because of this issue.

@snowcat Hm. Are these manual recordings that you’re setting up, or just a ‘regular’ recording? Are you doing frequent channel scans? We’re looking into this on our end. 

I haven’t had this specifically happen with an NFL game however I’m 99% certain that I had setup a primetime show to “record new” for my wife but the show didn’t record and the timer disappeared.     So far other timers are recording OK but I have had a similar occurrence to your NFL timer.   I’ve been checking scheduled timers daily and thus far it hasn’t happened again but time will tell.

Regular recordings. But I did do a channel scan yesterday as well. Though that had no effect on my other scheduled recordings.

@7up Can you head over to the ‘Scheduled’ tab and see if the show you missed is still in there? Even if it doesn’t have any upcoming airings, it should still show up there. This way, if/when the show does come back, the Tablo will remember to record it because you’ve selected ‘record new’ instead of just scheduling the episode individually.

Same question to you @snowcat - did you schedule the NFL games individually, or were they set up for ‘rec new’ or ‘rec all’? This could be a factor if the guide details change for the airing in question (e.g time, name, teams playing, etc).

NFL games have to be scheduled individually (unless you just love the NFL so much you want every game).  So each week I go in and individually schedule the games (usually I can see the current week’s game and the following week’s game, so I schedule both).

Show disappeared from “scheduled” tab which I’m pretty sure is why it didn’t record.   I’ve added the show again and keeping checking “scheduled” tab regularly so if it happens again I’ll let you know.  

I also have the 4 tuner tablo. I just noticed this happened to me as well.

I set the Bengals game to record over a week ago and just went in a few minutes ago to make sure it is set. I went into “Live TV” and it did not have the orange mark in the upper right-hand corner. All the other shows I have scheduled are still good to go.

It was not listed in the “Scheduled” until after I set it to record again.

It’s Friday, and my scheduled Titans game is still scheduled.  I haven’t done any rebooting or rescanning of channels this week, so it’s possible that is the cause of my issues.  But it also could be Tablo talking to their channel content provider.

So far, so good.

@snowcat @7up @tablosupport

I had the Bengals game scheduled to record today. I set it to record over a week ago and it did not begin recording at 1:00pm today.

I set it to record the Bears last week (although I’m not sure why any more) and forgot to delete the timer afterward.  It wanted to record ALL the NFL games yesterday.  Need to be able to say “just record one time”

It treats NFL football as a “show”, with each game as individual episodes.  I just go into the episodes list and record my crappy Titans games.  


So far, I haven’t had any repeats of my earlier problem, but I haven’t done any channel scans lately either.

@snowcat Can you send me your MAC here? If you’ve got any examples (of shows that you missed) I can grab your Tablo’s logs to see what’s going on.

I think you have a bad link there (it just points to this thread).  It’s been fine for three weeks straight, and all my other shows have recorded fine as well.  You guys had that one weird problem a few weeks ago where the guide data wasn’t shown “new” for new programs and I missed a couple, but it has been smooth sailing since then.

I can still send it to you if you really want to look, but I am good now.

@snowcat Thanks! Should work now. By now the logs won’t have that stored anymore - but let me know if you see this happens again and we’ll log in and grab the logs straight away. 

Ok, I will do that.

I’m having the same problem – set the Seahawks game to record and then go to watch the game a few hours or a day after the game and it isn’t there at all. 

@Snowcat @Leggett Can you try doing a ‘Rec All’ on the NFL games and then ‘un-scheduling’ the games you don’t want? Keep me posted on your progress.

Our thought here is that if you schedule the games individually, and the airing info changes, it could get ‘un-scheduled’. We’re looking into this now.

Just saw this reply – I’ll try record-all + unschedule the ones I don’t want. 

I did have another game get unscheduled (I check a couple days before the game and then again a few hours each week to make sure it records).

This has happened to me now for three straight Patriots games. Just caught it in the nick of time this wee an hour before kick off. I alerted my buddy and he checked and sure eniugh it had happened to him too.

Was this issue never resolved? Other than by the workaround of selecting all and then unselecting?

In my case I had this weeks Patriots game and next week’s scheduled. Only this week’s game got unselected. Next week’s game was still set to record.