NFL football games do not record

NFL games have not been recording for the last 3 weeks. They are listed as Scheduled, and if I click on live TV it show them with the orange outline and says ‘recording’. But after the game is over, there is no recording. The only way I have been able to watch the game after it has started is in the Live Rewind mode. But if I want to watch it the next day, i am out of luck.
(Note: The pre-game show records, and has an extra half hour of the beginning of the game. After I finish the 1.5 hour recording, and go back to begin watching the game recording, only the 1 hour pre-game has recorded, complete with commercial skip, and there is not recording of the game.)
Using a ROKU, OTA antenna, and wireless router.
I am able to record all other network shows. Only having this problem with NFL games.