Nexus Players Replacing my ROKUs ? - Not so fast

2-Tablos 4 Tuner
2-ROKU 3 - One on TP-Link to Router, One on WiFi 2.4 ghz
1-ROKU 4 - Hardwired to Router
My Internet Speed 50/50 Verizon FIOS

Tablos v2.2.8 Firmware

I have very few problems with LPW, but wanted to see what all the excitement was using a Nexus Player.

Disappointed the Nexus Player did not have an ethernet port like the ROKUs
Would think this would be absolutely necessary if you have slow internet speeds
(and especially if you use it for gaming)

Set up was simple and It did connect easily, however…

Couldn’t see where I could enable Close Captions (I need that)
Didn’t see any thumbnails in the recordings.
No fast forward or rewind buttons on the remote.

I guess if you are experiencing extreme LPW, the Nexus Player could be for you, but you are giving up a lot of functionality.


I know there is no Amazon Prime app for the Nexus - is there a WatchESPN app? Are there any other widely used apps that are not available on the Nexus?

@jdoe No watch ESPN. What other apps are you interested in?

@cthompgh the NP is definitely a bit gimped when it comes to ports. Many people get a USB hub with a micro USB male end to plug into the NP. Then you can add external storage, ethernet adapter, etc.

Though it does have wireless AC, so if you have an AC router and your speeds are limited to 50/50, the NP does just fine without ethernet.

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The SMC EZ SMC2209USB/ETH USB Ethernet adapter is known to be compatible with the Nexus Player.

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Closed captioning is definitely available, but I don’t use it. I remember another Android TV user talking about how to enable it though, maybe @kamy2015. Edit: See @ChrisFix response below on how to enable.

Thumbnails definitely work. Perhaps they hadn’t generated for the show you were watching.

You don’t need a fast forward and rewind button when pressing/holding right on the directional button does the same thing. I use a Harmony remote which has FF/RW buttons but I never use that because it takes longer.

Watch ESPN works just fine on the Nexus Player if you “cast” the app from your phone similar to Chromecast. However, it’s a shame a native app hasn’t been added yet. You could also say

I agree they should have added an ethernet port - many people feel strongly about this. The 5GHz AC Wi-Fi has worked just fine for me and my family, and I have also heard that Ethernet adapters work great.

Overall, I think it’s a great value at $50, but it’s definitely not perfect. It does a few things better than Roku, and Roku beats it in a few other ways.



Thanks for the info. I’ll check out your suggestions.

I have a Harmony Remote, didn’t like it for some reason (can’t recall why at the moment, went back to my ICON Brand remote since it can execute my X-10 Commands.

I’ll try another program again to check for thumbnails.


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This adapter also works for providing both wired ethernet and USB ports on the Nexus Player ($16):

I’m using it and it works perfectly.


Press and hold the OK/Select button (long press) and an onscreen pop-up will display for Captions On or Captions Off.

+1 Yes - thumbnails work on all the android supported players (Fire TV, Android TV).

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My internet speed is a meager 3.5. No problem with NP wi-fi. As to your other complaints, mostly bogus. You need to familiarize yourself with the functions and the remote. Also, using 1080/8 flawlessly since switching from Chromecast which choked at 720. FYI it takes several mins after recording for thumbnails to load. No desire for Amazon so it suits my needs just dandy.

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Nice catch.


Thank you… I knew there had to be more to it