Nexus Player UI issue

I assume this is the right forum for the NP.

Just got one and started testing it with my Tablo. When a show is selected from the Recordings list, and I get the show screen, the highlighted control is the Delete button. Accidentally hitting OK/Select at that point is a really bad thing. I have to hit the down button to get to the episode list. I think the default should be to show the episode list.

Besides that, I’m really not happy with no hardwired ethernet and requiring additional hardwire to make it work with a universal IR remote (Harmony). Also, can’t seem to reorder the apps so Tablo is way at the end of the list. Probably going to return it and just stick with Roku or AppleTV. I’m holding off on buying more Rokus until I see the AppleTV app.

Overall, the experience on Android TV has been far better for me than on the Roku. Some things to help. On the guide use the play/pause button to start playing and you can avoid the delete button.

I use WiFi without issues on my Nexus Player, but you can get a simple adapter for Ethernet support. The shield has support for IR (I believe), and you can use an IR remote if your TV supports HDMI-CEC without use of the Hub.

Lastly, make sure that the Nexus Player is updated to Marshmallow and then pick an app, press and hold the select button and it will bring you to the screen that will let you organize the apps.

Hope that helps.


You can reorder the apps, by going to settings Clicking on the gear at the bottom of the page.

Then move down to Preferences, click on the Home Screen, then Apps and Games.

There are options to “Reorder apps row” and Reorder games row."

I moved the Tablo app to the first position.


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Thanks!!! I learned something new and just reordered the apps…

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OK, got them reordered. I’ll try selecting shows with the play button. Guess I’ll buy what I need to get it to work with IR before I give up on it.

You shouldn’t have to buy anything. Just check the TV for HDMI-CEC; then you can use your TV remote.

I don’t use my TV remote. I use a Harmony. And I’m not convinced CEC will work with a TV, AV Receiver, and Streaming box all in the mix. Haven’t tried it yet. Anyone gotten CEC to work in that scenario?

I have TV, nexus player and sound bar all working with the Harmony hub without much issue. Just have to map the Home key in the app settings.

Can’t vouch for the CEC through the receiver.

I don’t have a Harmony Hub. Mine are the older IR only remotes.

On the guide use the play/pause button to start playing and you can avoid the delete button.

Turns out that plays the most recent episode, not the oldest. So not useful to me.