Nexus player setup - wifi problem

I bought the nexus player today because I got tired of dealing with LPW and long delays after FF with the roku. So far so good. The nexus response is snappy and haven’t had the frustrating problems I had with the roku. However, when I connected the nexus player to my wifi it kicked me out of other apps on the iPad (Netflix) and the iPhone (Spotify) and I can no longer connect through them. This was before I even started using the nexus, I had only logged in to my wifi. Any ideas on why this happened and how to correct?

So you didn’t even sign into the Netflix app on the Nexus Player? This sounds like a weird networking bug, I would just reboot your modem, then router, then Nexus Player and phones and tablets.

No I didn’t login, which was why it was weird. I reset the network and everything seems fine now. Really liking the nexus player as compared to the roku! Thanks.

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