Nexus Player playback isn't perfect

My Tablo gave an error “unable to playback”. I used the back arrow to the EPG and selected the channel and it resumed playing.

Don’t know what caused it. Just thought I would post the NP isn’t perfect, but it is better than Roku.

I’ve seen that as well a couple of times, but I’ve always been able to go back in and get it to play. Yeah, not perfect, but way better than Roku.

So this was while watching live TV? Is that the only scenario you’ve seen this? If so, I’ll be satisfied with the NP I just ordered as I don’t use Tablo for live TV.

I haven’t had that issue but occasionally errors will start coming up about the play store. A restart fixes it, over the last 2 months it’s happened twice, not bad. I’m sure some updates to android 6.0 will address this.

Compared to the Rokus restarts multiple times per week, the NP is amazing. Plays Tablo wonderfully, big speed increase compared to the Roku. Cheap remote though.

Good to know. Based on all the feedback here it sounds to me like the NP is the best compromise between price and performance. Sounds like the Shield is the best of all, but the price isn’t worth it to me if the NP can handle almost everything the Tablo throws at it.

Is there a phone app to replace the remote?

Only on Android :slight_smile: I will say it was nice having both an iOS and Android app for the Roku.

Yes, that’s what I meant, Android app. I’ve never owned an Apple product in my life so it rarely enters my mind that there’s something else. :sunglasses:

Mixed house here so its nice having apps/devices that support both. Admittedly, I was like you once and fell into the dark side this year (just got a Nexus 9 though).

There is a phone app for the Nexus Player… as an added bonus, you can use the phone’s keyboard as well. BTW, the phone app I have is on an Android. I don’t know if one exists for iPhone.

Watching live tv

I think you will change your mind once you try the remote. I’ve had no issues since purchasing my NP 4 weeks ago.