Nexus Player - No guide

Trying to see if any fellow Android TV users are having the same problem. Past few days I have not been able to get the app to show the schedule, which means it’s pretty much useless. Just keep showing the loading circle.

Works on web.
Works on Mobile/Tablet
I’m on the latest beta for the firmware.

Restarted Nexus player, restarted Tablo
Tried forced close and restart, clearing app data, reinstalling app.
Updated Guide, rescanned channels.

I’m out of ideas, but if there’s another night of my wife not being able to watch the Olympics the Tablo might not be here when I get back from work.

Any other thoughts?


No problem with NP on TV. Still using 2.2.8.

Not much actual help from me either but we are running 2.2.10 and using a Shield TV for our main TV and we’ve had no issues either.

As a workaround to watch it on the TV since it’s working on web could you just cast that to your NP?

I have both NP and Chromecast. So yes, I can cast to TV using either via Chrome You- might try uninstalling and re-installing Chrome browser if it doesn’t work for you.

I occasionally see no guide come up on my Nexus Player, but if I let it complete the syncing process, the guide displays a few seconds after that.