Nexus Player Losing Signal Strength

I don’t think this is unique to Tablo, but may be. Tablo is where I am noticing it.

When I first start my Nexus player and connect to Wi Fi, it shows an excellent signal and Tablo (and other apps) work just like they should. If I turn off the TV (leave Nexus and Tablo on of course) and come back a few hours later, The Nexus will show only “Good” signal strength and won’t work… it shows rotating circle… or “connecting” for a very long time (I’ve given up after 2-3 minutes).

I can get things working normally again by turning Wi Fi off and back on… Excellent signal returns.

I don’t seem to have this problem with Roku… it works the same every time…

Netgear N750 router configured as an access point.

Any thought?