Nexus Player is $50 on Asus' web store, Free Ground Shipping

If you don’t require Amazon video and you’re looking for an affordable streaming device, the Nexus Player is a great Tablo device. Just make sure to hardwire it with a USB -> ethernet adapter or use it on a wireless AC network.


And the game controller is only $25, which is a good deal if you’re in the market for one.

Nexus has no ethernet port so using it wireless non AC. Works great.

I addressed this

I’m familiar with adapters. My point is your warning is an overstatement since the unit works just dandy out of the box unwired.

My warning is not an overstatement at all. Wireless n has some gaping flaws when it comes to streaming, especially on the 2.4ghz band. Just because your use case is “working just dandy” doesn’t mean its an overstatement to suggest users be safe with wireless AC. When I original had the nexus player, I had an absolutely horrible time on wireless N. I know others have as well. Wireless AC is incredibly more effective.

In any case, your original post was confusing. It probably should have read “The nexus has no ethernet port so I am using it wireless, non AC. Works great.”

This player is amazing for the price, especially for Tablo. Capable of highest 10mbps quality on every network I have tried. Highly recommended.

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Wired is always the most reliable but emphatically not always the only effective means as your caution implies. A novice reading your post would be advised to spend extra bucks unnecessarily not to mention the inconvenience of stringing ethernet where it’s not wanted.That indeed makes it an overstatement. Citing anamolies re NP wireless performance is an equivocation. I’ve seen no rash of problems here with NP in wireless connection.

Wireless is always the most reliable

Is this a joke?

Correction. WIRED.

Right, wired is the most reliable. Secondary to that is wireless AC. Beyond that, relying on wireless N for streaming is asking for trouble down the road. We are apparently of different minds on this. Quite frankly, if someone is cutting the cord and moving toward relying on streaming as their primary means of content delivery, I will forever recommend upgrading their router at the same time if they intend to do so wirelessly and their delivery device supports AC. The “extra bucks” are damn well spent and will mean their network is future proof for the time being.

You call it an overstatement. I call it a standard.

There is nothing “standard” about investing in time and dollars unnecessarily. First you try then you buy - if needed.

Okay champ. Whatever you say.

An addendum. In my case it’s not the bucks, its the damn cable. Remember when all microphones were dragged around with a cord? And then came something called radio.

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Good. Drinks on me!

Scotch, 16 year old, single malt please.

I have never had to hard wire any of my Android TV boxes to have a reliable or fast experience, fortunately. Wireless AC with a Wi-Fi extender seems to work really well for me.

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Hah! Sorry, that was my peace offering to A, not on the house. My mother warned me never to trust a scotch drinker. Cheers.

My NP is nestled between Tablo and router and regular wireless has been flawless. Whatever works.

I’m not Scotch, so it’s okay. :wink:

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