Nexus Player - another set top box that should work with Tablo

This $99 retail device could be a great Tablo player for your TV set.  Since it runs Android, I would hope the Android tablet app would work on it.  At worst, it also has all the ChromeCast functionality built in, so you could use it like that.

Tablo folks, have you seen this and what is your opinion on it?
Someone already beat you to the punch on Twitter!

Sweet.  I am tempted to get one.

I want to get one too, but it needs a Tablo app, and of course Tablo Connect for it would be great :wink:

Or if the Nexus Player has VPN client capabilities I can get it to work with the Tablo away from home.

Nexus Player appears to be the first Android TV device coming to market.   Interesting choice of CPU, will it have any impact on compatibility with existing Android apps?    Pricing appears to be about the same as Amazon Fire TV as well as the optional gamepad.    I’d like to be excited about this device but from the report I read, there is only a microUSB port and no ethernet port.     

No Ethernet is a bad idea especially for local streaming, might have to stick with the Roku 3.

I like the pictures of the Nexus Player interface, however, I agree the lack of Ethernet port is a huge deal breaker. Plus the app library is very weak at the moment. If it can grow to 1700+ channels like the Roku, maybe I will take a spin at it. And with the latest Roku update, the addition of screen mirroring is icing on the cake. That was about all the Roku was missing and now I can show pictures, videos, Skype, etc all on the big screen!

Roku3 or Amazon Fire TV are better products.    Most early feedback agrees it was a poor decision to omit an ethernet jack.

I’ll never understand the lack of ethernet for 100 dollar “high end” streamer.     Unlike a tablet, the device requires a power cable and an HDMI cable so adding the option for a hardwire ethernet cable isn’t exactly going to cause any tethering issues. 

Fire TV > Nexus Player, for now at least. We’ll see what other (hopefully better) Android TV boxes are announced between now and CES 2015.

TabloTV, hope you guys are including Fire TV for your “living room experience”. Even if you make it available as a sidelodable APK, I’m fine with that. It seems Amazon is being restrictive about steaming apps for FTV, probably so as to drive people to their own content.

You may be correct about streaming services for Fire TV although Tablo isn’t really a competitor to VOD type services.   Tablo has also gained approval for Amazon Fire tablets apps so I doubt there will be an issue when Tablo is ready to release a dedicated app for the Fire TV.     I agree we need the FireTV/AndroidTV apk now :slight_smile:   

At least it can do wireless AC, on G you won’t have much luck with broadcast quality 1080p streams, sounds like a good excuse to update the router eh?    Chromecast works pretty well and its wireless… not even AC.

For a STB, I’ll take a wired gigabit connection over 802.11ac 365 days a year.     

If your only intention is streaming online services and you don’t care about local content or gaming, the wireless connection will probably be fine.   I’m pretty excited about the potential of Android TV but the lack of Ethernet port, no optical output and only a micro USB connector make the Nexus less attractive than it should have been.    Even plugging in a wireless USB dongle will require an adapter.  Do yourself a favor and wait for another AndroidTV box to be released.

Can’t wait! I was s disappointed with the fire TV it went back! I have high hopes for the nexus TV.

I have a Nexus Player and I just picked up a Tablo. I managed to install the Tablo APK on Nexus Player, but with the standard remote, it is (unfortunately) not usable. I expect Tablo is working on the full “Leanback” experience. It would make Tablo even better (especially if the Android TV version had good FF / Skip Fwd / RW / Skip Back functionality).

Last update here is Oct 2014. Any recent news? Any projected release date for this? 

@dog300 - The new app is now available. You can download it from the Play Store. The link is at

I managed to install it through Play store in Chrome on my laptop onto the Nexus Player a week ago via the link above.  I noticed today the app seemed to be missing - it wasn’t showing in the Android TV menu but was showing in the installed Apps.  I tried removing it, which was successful, but now when I go to install it via Play Store it says the Nexus Player is an unsupported device.  I was never able to install it directly from the device itself tablo web would not show up in a play store search, it had to be “pushed” to the device through the Play Store via another computer.

This needs to get fixed fast… :frowning:

@kwzombie - We’re aware of this issue and have a potential fix working its way through the Play Store. Tx for your patience.