Nextgen tv status

I live in ma and in few months if all goes according to plan nextgen tv will be avail for me from both RI and MA I hope I can upgrade soon I already have my HDHOMERUN with 3.0 tuner

Don’t be surprised to see that the “upgrade” is really only “testing”. Austin, TX has been “live” on ATSC 3.0 for about a year, and one channel (CBS) has been broadcasting the same signal in ATSC 3.0 as they do in their ATSC 1.0 signal (with the exception of AC4 audio, which doesn’t work on many streaming devices). The other three channels are listed as “no video information”, 99% of the time…

So, if you compare the ATSC 1.0 and ATSC 3.0 pictures, they are almost identical…and unless you have high-end audio utilizing the latest Dolby sound, and the show is encoded that way, you might notice a slight difference.

No guarantee that anything will dramatically change…at least it hasn’t in Austin…

Until television manufactures decide to put ATSC 3.0 tuners into the medium and low price models I would expect things to remain the same. They seemed to have dropped ATSC 3.0 in my DMA. Probably because of covid and revenue.

But my hdhomerun 4K has a a little better ATSC 1.0 picture quality and reception then the connect duo. And my neighbors seemed happy when I gifted them my connect duo.