Newly setup reconditioned quad tuner freezing up

Keep getting random 30 second or so screen freezes

using 2tb Seagate bup slim 0108 external usb 3 drive that has had zero issues
happens no matter stream quality chosen 1080 w 720 at 60 or 1080 or even 720.
hardwired or wireless same results and wired the roku reports I am getting 90mb. This is not a network bandwidth issue
happens on firestick 4k and roku ultra 4640x running 9.2.0 build 4750
tablo is on firmware 2.2.26

I was frustrated with recast and bought this unit but fearing it is $100 mistake

freeze can happen within minutes of use or 30 minutes etc
left alone the freeze stops and play resumes
during freeze I can hit rewind and play to force a resume

help please

thank you,


Open a Support Ticket directly with Tablo. If the unit is faulty, it comes with a one year warranty.

This is the refurbished original Tablo 4 tuner? I don’t think there are refurbished units of the new Tablo Quad available yet.

I just bought a refurb newest model quad from the the US Tablo store almost 2 weeks ago but they are sold out now😩

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right it is the original. I will open a ticket

No refurb Quads on the Canadian Tablo store. Not enough Canadians returning Quads lol

Check into cooling options for it should support not provide satisfaction… these things run hot and im finding way more reliable when cooled off… usb fan or laptop cooling pads do the trick…

I have a fan like this under my Tablo and it really helps keep it cooler. Tree New Bee TNB-F003 Laptop Cooling Pad - Fits up to 15.6" & Smaller laptops & notebooks - Strong & Durable ABS & Metal Mesh - Fits Easily on Your Lap or Any Flat Surface - Keeps Your Laptop Cool

good idea thx all those suggesting to try a fan. Testing the theory using a huge box fan for now. If this is it will be disappointed and happy at same time in that a fix would be nice but having to add an expense when I went last gen recon to save money in the first place defeats the purpose. Opened a support ticket but see no weekend hours so won’t hear back until next week.

What does your network have? A 802.11AC router or mesh is best.

Does CBSN stream ok?

happens when everything is wired or wireless, but if it still may matter my router is a dlink ac2600 mu-mimo wi-fi router. fan helping but has not eliminated. cbs streams ok other than it can have the freeze which does not seem to be channel dependent. I did notice that only 2 stations of the 19 I watch are 1080 so for the sake of more testing I lowered down record and live to 720 as a test

edit so much for 720 it is happening now so 1080 vs 720 seems to not matter for live at least. perhaps not coincidentally I am watching cbs right now. good thought I will pay closer attention to see if is more channel dependent than I thought

Sounds like you got a bum unit. I suspect Tablo is going to replace it under warranty.

Sounds like bad unit. Suggest email to open a ticket, but they are only open Monday-Friday.

ticket already has been open. suspect your conclusion is correct. Since brief test on wired only was a bust I am back to mix of wired and wireless. Just for checking sake I did move my Tablo, Firestick 4k and Roku to my 5 Ghz band and everything else to my 2.4 Ghz and I turned on QoS designating the Tablo as top dog. Along the line that it might be channel specific I did notice that cbs also stuttered sound for a moment when I switched to viewing it through my Recast after it froze on my Tablo in both the Firecast app and the Roku app.

Any update? Just curious.

I have been asked by Tablo to run a program called route this and send them the results. Currently having trouble finding the program and still trading emails with Matthew from their support team. Wish I could call support as email is inherently slower, but so far Tablo is responsive via email trading. In the interim moving my antenna lowered the freezing from 30 ish seconds on that channel to somewhere around 3-5 seconds and also reduced in frequency so starting to think the unit is fine though stand by the belief it should have active cooling. I also did some network maintenance that also may be helping. Rebooted cable modem and my wifi router. Moved wifi router which improved signal on my 5 ghz band from 4 to 5 out of 5. My 2.4 ghz was already getting a signal strength of 5 out of 5. Finally I also did some balancing and moved non essential device to my 2.4 ghz band while keeping others on 5 ghz. Oh and I switched my Roku to wired as it is my preferred device to access the Tablo. I’m sure some combo in here has made the bulk of the improvement, but if Tablo wants to confirm or find any potential areas of improvement to my set up I’m happy to continue working with them as I am via the support ticket.

Here’s the Android app:

And this iOS app:

It would be good to do the scan anyways to see if the tweaks you’ve made have helped.

thanks. The Android version won’t install or show up in the Google Play store as it apparently doesn’t like my Chromebook. Matthew from Tablo gave me the skinny on the IOS version too with the 4 digit code needed to run the program and I was able to install and run the program from my iPhone. I’m currently waiting for Tablo’s analysis.

TRACERT might show same information. On Windows computer first type mcd which will give a box. Then type tracert There is an Android tracert program.

I have mostly solved the issue by trial and error. I ended up with 3 antennas merged into one feed then split to 3 devices after a minor amp boost. I no longer get the 30 second pause though I still can’t find that perfect spot where all desired channels come in without needing micro movement of one of my antennas. ATM 51.1 KUSI continues to be that station. This is a source issue though as it happens antenna to tv too. For what it is worth Tablo also saw a signal issue to this channel last time I talked to them. They are looking further but I gave them an ok to close the ticket if they wanted though I do appreciate their ongoing look. I ran tracert btw and it was 21 hops 171 ms - don’t know what that says if anything.

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