Newly recorded show just disappeared.... anybody else?

We recorded a few shows tonight… being the start of the New Fall Season and the very end of some of the Summer Season.

I had 3 shows set to record tonight
– Goldbergs
– Survivor
– Big Brother finally

When we selected Survivor we saw Big Brother listed as a new show being recorded. When we finished Survivor, Big Brother was just GONE… we have no clue what happened.

No bad weather here… everything should have been fine, but we find ourselves missing the final episode of this year’s version of Big Brother.

Has this happened to any of you??


@Soren - Sorry to hear you’re experiencing this issue. We’re working hard to get to the bottom of this but we’re having difficulty finding the root cause.

If you can provide some information (given it happened very recently) it could help us greatly.

When you said “finished Survivor” did you mean finished watching or scheduling? Exactly when you noticed it missing might be an important piece to unravel the puzzle.

We also need clarification on what you mean by you saw Big Brother was being recorded… Were you looking at the scheduled tab or the list of recordings?

If you’re willing, we would love to work with you to access your database so we can take a look behind the curtain. If you’re game, send a note to and we’ll get that set up.

Survivor was recorded and we watched it.

Prior to selecting Survivor and watching it, the wife was SURE that Big Brother was listed as an option to watch (It was most likely still recording at that point and it came on immediately AFTER Survivor on the same channel)

Both shows were listed on our “Newly Recorded” shows prior to watching Survivor.