Newby on the fence for buying

Hi, I have questions. I am very interested in purchasing the Tablo 4 Tuner and I have a Chromecast. If I am going to use the Tablo in the same room as the TV (it is not a smart tv), can I hook up the ethernet cable to the Tablo and the TV and skip the Chromecast? Or is the Chromecast a must? Also, If I do hook up with ethernet and the Tablo upstairs, can I use my smart tv’s downstairs with WIFI and the Tablo?

Thanks in advance.

You need a playback device at each TV, that could be a Chromecast, but you’ll likely get better playback from a Roku, Fire TV, Android TV box or Apple TV.

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I have my Tablo installed near my outdoor antenna. It is connected via Ethernet to my network and most of my Apple TVs are also hard wired to the network. I use one Roku Ultra and Apple TV via wifi and all work fine.

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Thank you

Did you buy? I’ve had for 4 years. Saved around $9,600 and counting in cable fees. I can’t stand how cable companies treat their customers. So very happy to not have to call them about one less thing.