Newbie ?'s quad HDMI

I bought a 4 tuner quad HDMI. Wondering if this drive and external enclosure are compatible? I’m scared to open anything until I’m sure.
MDD (MDD8TSATA12872DVR) 8TB 128MB Cache 7200RPM SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive designed for heavy duty 24/7 operation. It is perfect for Surveillance System, CCTV DVR & Desktop computers (PC/MAC).
And a Godo usb 3.0 to sata III max cap. 3.5" up to 12tb.
Box says there’s a on off button on the box with a dc hook up.
I’m unsure if the hdd n external enclosure are compatible with the 4 tuner quad (no internal on board memory)
If what I have listed here can I please get some recommendations for a hdd and enclosure 5tb to 8 tb? I’d really like to be sure what I order is newbie screw up proof.
Also when you replace the tablo unit (quad hdmi to a new tablo quad hdmi) can you then hook up your storage to the new one and keep what you’verecorded?
I appreciate your time and help!
Thank you

You should be fine with that setup. I did the same thing for my relatives. They are using an external enclosure which happens to feature an on/off button it doesn’t cause any issues. I also used a surveillance system hard drive since the drives will be used constantly. I believe 8 tb is the max recommended size although I have seen post where users report much larger with success but 8 tb would be a lot of storage. For the enclosure if I found the model you are referencing I didn’t see a reference to an external power supply. i did but a link to one below similar to the I bought that does support external power. I have seen people have issues trying to power the hard drive off the USB power coming from the Tablo. It might make sense to get an enclosure that is self powered.
Tom Amazon link to enclosure

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Thank you VERY much!