Newbie questions-2

Long story short- the cable company has finally gotten me off my duff to cut the cord. I’ve had a Tablo Dual LITE for a couple years but never used it. (I wasn’t ticked off enough at the cable company until now!) I have Rokus on my TVs and am comfortable using them. So here are a couple of questions-

  1. Will there be some sort of firmware update when I fire up the Tablo? (again its been in the box for a couple of years- model # is TDNS2B-01-CN)
  2. Being a Dual LITE, if I am recording 2 shows concurrently can I watch a 3rd OTA show while recording 2?
    I’m sure I’ll have other questions. I’d like the Tablo to be a comfortable experience along with an inexpensive streaming service (with no local channels). It will be cheaper than streaming services with local channels & DVR.
    Thanks for any info offered,

Regarding the firmware, if it’s a few years old then yes I’d expect a firmware update.

As far as recording, if it’s a Dual and you’re recording two shows, you won’t be able to watch a third Live TV channel. Each show you record or live TV channel you watch consumes a tuner. Now if you’re recording 2 shows and want to watch a 3rd already recorded show that will work.

I started with an OG 2-tuner but finally had to upgrade to a Quad because I was having recording conflicts (shows ending at 8:31, or starting at 8:59).

Thanks so much for the quick reply. I pretty much expected those answers.

Just powering on will probably not cause a firmware update. when the roku connects you should get a firmware update message. Or use the check for updates on the settings page.

And once you scan for channels the guide update might take a while.

You might consider getting a powered splitter (I.e. a distribution amplifier) to watch live TV using the TV tuner if the antenna is feeding both your Tablo and a television.

I just bought this one from channel master last week and it’s working great!

There will definitely be a firmware update. Depending on how long your Tablo has been sitting, you may need to do more than one firmware update as there have been a few gating releases over the years.

Welcome to the community! I found the longer we’ve had the Tablo the less frequently we watch live TV.