Newbie Question - is my streaming only as good as my antenna reception?

Hello Trying to sort out if Tablo is the answer to my problem. I just want ota channels streamed to my tv via an app on web os 2.0. 1) I did not see the app listed on the LG content store 2) I see I need to buy a device, fine, but it connects to a OTA antennae - is this getting OTA via the antennae or the internet for streaming? Just trying to avoid getting DTA boxes for my smart tv in the bathroom and bedroom… Thanks

IMHO, the app for WebOS 2.0 needs works for the latest firmware and for performance (even when working).

Tablo connects to your OTA antenna coax. Like a TV, it scans for channels and then you select the channels you want. It gets the guide/show metadata from the Internet. On the app side, the local app will sync it’s view with your Tablo (time it takes depends on channels you selected). When you setup a recording it uses that metadata to schedule. Then, when recording it’s taking the ATSC raw data and transcodes it immediately to mpeg4 HLS to be available for streaming to your end device Tablo app.

Thanks for confirming this. I’ll have to find another solution. Cheers.

No problem. Be thankful for these forums. Hope you find a solution that works for you.

If you just want live OTA TV on your TVs, why don’t you just install an antenna in one convenient location, then use a splitter and the existing coaxial cable in the house to send the OTA signal to each TV?

All HDTVs have an internal OTA tuner.

MOST TV’s have an internal tuner…



Not exactly sure what you are wanting.

Tablo is a whole home DVR that connects to an OTA antenna & utilizes your wifi network for viewing (thus if the end objective is to view on a TV then some sort of streaming device is needed). It also allows you to view OTA channels live, but I would recommend different alternatives if live viewing is your primary goal (Tablo has a lengthy delay in loading live channels that is extremely cumbersome for channel surfing). It can be used without the internet but this severely limits its capabilities, & again you are better off with less expensive alternatives if you do not plan to use it with the internet.

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my read on what OP is looking for is a (box or Native app for LG) that requires only internet access to gain (streaming access to OTA locals).

Basically I think he wants what Aereo was trying to provide…

If it says Multimedia Monitor or Display, then that is NOT TV. The box needs to say TV AND NOT MONITOR OR DISPLAY. See todays Tablo email news.