Newbie introduction

These answers might be elsewhere but I thought I might consolidate. I am new to this.

1 - What download speed do I need from my Internet provider for 4 channel recorder? I am getting 50 mbps down now.

2 - Do I plug my router and HD antenna into Tablo then Tablo records OTA?

2.1 Can the Tablo also record from my Netflix or Amazon Prime? In that those are not typically scheduled I suppose I have to manaully record.

2.3 Can Tablo record HBO Now via a Roku using a schedule?

3 - Can I connect a TV with a Roku (etc) to the Tablo then watch OTA or Tablo recording wireless?

4 - How many TV’s can I connect Roku / Tablo wireless?

5 - When Tablo is transmitting to a Roku is it using my internet provider bandwidth or is my own private work independent.

6 - How far can I transmit in my own network?

7 - I can watch my network from a distant location? In that case is it uploading to the internet provider then to my device. If yes what upload speed is needed.

8 - I notice Tablo has a 2 G remote drive capacity limit. Can remote drives be daisy chained (term?)

Thanks for the newbie help. I am an old complacent Verizon subscriber who had autopay for years. I just noticed the bill was $260 a month and thought WTF?

1 - Since the Tablo is on your home network, your download speed from your internet provider is mostly irrelevant. The Tablo will download guide data every morning around 2 AM, and it isn’t much data. On the other hand, upload speed is pretty important if you choose to use the Tablo Connect remote access feature. The higher the upload speed, the better the quality on devices outside your home network.

2 - You plug your antenna and hard drive into your Tablo. The Tablo can be used with ethernet or wi-fi (though ethernet is much better).

2.1 - No. Think of the Tablo as an app just like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

2.2 - No. The Tablo only records TV stations from your antenna.

3 - The Tablo connects to your home network. You then use other devices (Roku, FireTv, Android TV, phones, tablets, and computers) to watch what is on the Tablo. Those devices can be wired or wireless (works well with either).

4 - You can have as many devices as you want on the system. The Tablo can support up to 6 concurrent devices if the Tablo is wired ethernet, 3 if it is using wi-fi.

5 - It is using just your home network.

6 - The distance just depends on how strong a signal your home network provides.

7 -Yes, if you have a paid subscription (or are in the 30 day free trial period). The smallest Tablo Connect setting is 500kb, and there are settings for 750kps, 1 Mbps, 1.5 Mbps, 2 Mbps, 3 Mbps, 4Mbps, and full quality (where your remote device acts like it is on your home network).

8 - The 2TB limit has since been broken. You can use any size hard drive now. You can only use a single drive.

I am an early adopter, and I love the Tablo. But read this forum, because there is a lot of good advice on here.


The limit was never 2 GB. It used to be 2 TB but like you said, it’s been broken. I have a 5 TB and they have tested a 8 TB.

What router do you have? The performance of Tablo depends on it A LOT. Several of us have a TP Link Archer C7 router and are extremely pleased with it. It offers wireless AC which is the latest.

And then there are some of us that use Apple Express and have had no problems with LAN performance and Tablo has worked fine for almost 2 yrs.

Whaaa!!! $260 per month is over $3,100 per year!! You are being fleeced, mate! I started getting antsy at $60 per month. With Tablo, your time to recover your costs will vary, depending on what you have to buy. As for me, my savings recouped my expenditure some time ago and now I have an extra $60 in my pocket every month.

I have a 1 TB drive and wish I had gone bigger. I would recommend at least 2 TB.

My wife likes using the Tablo Roku programme, and prefers the interface to the old satellite DVR. Because of OTA, the bonus for her is that Ellen is now in HD – the satellite company gave us an SD version of all the local channels.

Thanks to all the replies.

My router is Verizon 3W0X8. I have FIOS and my up and down is 50mpbs. I noticed my bill because Verizon sold to Frontier. I admit to being an idiot for setting up autopay on FIOS and not monitoring it.

There are only two FIOS plans in my area. Frontier and Time Warner. I can get internet only for around $60 but the upload is less. I have 50/50 now and it seems I can only get 50/5 (down/up) if I don’t bundle with them. They obviously throttle to encourage upgrades. I am not going to be watching content from a remote location so upload speed is not concerning. My current household load is 2 people surfing and 2 grandkids playing Minecraft or Youtube.

I do have Netflix, Amazon and HBO on a Roku. I am going to cut the cable and buy Tablo. I’ll feed the TV from Tablo and Roku, Firestick etc.

One more newbie question. Someone mentioned Ethernet and Wi-Fi. Is Ethernet the cable from the service provider that goes into the router with the option of doing 4 CAT5 (blue cable?) take offs (in my case) and then the router creates the WI-Fi?

LoL. I remember 3 channels that signed off at midnight. Cable and a VCR was cool. So easy to be assimilated by changing technology. Thanks

Ethernet is the cable with oversize plugs that look like land line phone jack plugs. They are RJ45. There is cat-5 and cat-6 cable that could be used.
WiFi is wireless. Microwave, garage door openers, etc. might interfe5with 2.4 Ghz network and 5 Ghz isn’t subject to that.