Newbie - first setup help

Hi, I purchased a Tablo Dual Lite and trying to setup today. Tablo support is closed today - Canadian holiday, so trying the forum community for help.

I can’t get my Tablo to connect / setup either thru WiFi or Ethernet.

Via WiFi, I connect to the Tablo local WiFi ok (using iPhone Tablo app), able to select and enter the password for my WiFi network. But Tablo doesn’t connect successfully to my WiFi network. Puts me back to re-start screen of connecting to the Tablo local WiFi.

  • I have an Netgear Orbi router with no device or port blocking turned on. I have many other IoT devices (Blink, Sonos, Smartthings, etc…) connected to this router over WiFi without issues
  • I tried re-setting the Tablo (7 sec push on rest button), re-loading iOS app, re-booting router, but didn’t help

I then tried direct connect Ethernet. Tablo shows up as connected device on Orbi router’s attached devices list with valid IP address. Blue LED goes solid, indicating Ethernet connection.

  • iPhone app won’t find Tablo device - iPhone is connected to Orbi WiFi with Tablo directed wired to Orbi router
  • I tried using my iPad with Tablotv app with iPad directly connected to Ethernet via USB-C dongle. iPad DID FIND Tablo device, but was labeled “gii” on screen. I selected, but it never connected.

I also tried using the TabloTV app on my Apple TV 4K. Again the search didn’t find the TabloTV device hard connected to Ethernet.

I’m at a loss - any ideas?

Update question, does Tablo not accept “$” symbols in the WiFi password?

Try a WiFi network name and password with no special characters, just letters and numbers.

Thanks, I was able to connect via WiFi if I removed the “$” character in the password.