New user, remote question

Is there a remote solution that allows you to select by channel at the very least when using Tablo. It is a bit pre historic to have to scan down to channel 66(my highest) from channel 2. Been using the 4 tuner Tablo for about two weeks now, overall pleased with it except for this issue and not knowing it would support up to 5 TB hard drives when I bought my HD for recording.

I wish I had your problem.
I only get 7 channels. :frowning:

I get a total of 50 I believe, but would that not be more antenna related? I’ve ran straight hookups and thru the Tablo, Got a whole 1 extra channel with the straight hookup.

It’s location related in my case.
I’m in a rural area with lots of hills and trees, away from big city transmitters.