New User - Only 2 channels out of about 40 appear in guide?

I’m new to Tablo but not new to OTA. I just set up the Tablo Dual, and out of about 40 channels, only 2 seem to have anything listed in the Live TV screen. The channels are playing just fine, but there’s nothing listed in the guide. Does it take a long time for these to load into the Live TV screen?

I’m using a Roku but it appears the same way through

Thanks all.

It can take a few hours to get all the program data loaded that first time. Not sure why, but it is normal.

@mo1975 Check today and let us know if you’re still missing listings.

If so, you can try using another nearby zip code which may have the correct data.

But please drop a note to support and let them know what zip you tried in the first place so we can get the correct data associated with that zip for you (if needed) and everyone else in your neighborhood.

Thanks guys. It took longer than I thought but all the guide information came through.

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