New User in Trial Period

I'm about 5 days into my15 trial and things haven't been so smooth so far. I'm only about 33 miles from broadcast towers in LA but barely get any stations. I plan to install a roof mounted antenna this weekend to see if that helps.

Of the stations I do get, I'm getting a lot of stream freezing over my wired network with Chrome, same with tablets over wireless and crashing of Tablo for Plex on AFTV. Yesterday, the Tablo locked up and a manual reset had no affect, I had to unplug it.

I'll try to tackle each issue separately before giving up.

For now I have a couple of questions.

I have a 2 tuner model, it seems that watching a live channel and recording it at the same time uses both tuners, is that correct?

If so, I may need to return it for a 4 tuner model, unless a workaround could be to watch the recording as it is recording, would that work to free up a tuner?

Can I watch live TV on the Android phone app while home? I only see an option to watch recordings. I can watch live TV while home on tablets however.

Can the Android phone app be used as a remote control to change channels on the AFTV or only to set recordings?


I am 47 miles S.E. from the broadcast towers in South Orange County. I can receive all the channels flawlessly with the exception of channel 7 which I get the occasional digital pixellation. I have a Winegard FL5500A FlatWave Amplified Razor Thin HDTV Indoor Antenna installed in my garage. So I think there is hope for improvement in the reception.

Make sure the firmware is the latest 2.1.24

Do you get all the stations you want if you connect the antenna direct to the TV? Keep in mind because the Tablo has 2 tuners it is splitting the signal. You may need a amp. if you have a long cable run from the antenna to the Tablo I would install a pre-amp. If the run is not long I would just try a distribution amp.

Here are 2 good amps.

Thanks for your suggestions

I've tried a Mohu Curve 30 on 2 TVs and the Tablo = 0 channels.

I now have a Mohu Sky 60 on the Tablo = 4 stations

I have this arriving today..

Your poor OTA signal may be to blame for a lot of these issues. Once you have your new antenna situated, please let us know if you continue to experience buffering/freezing.

You can watch a recording as it’s being recorded by hitting play in the recordings section. Watching live and recording both require a tuner. 

As for watching live on a phone, click on the station ID vs. the show ID.

With Amazon Fire TV, you will use the remote that comes with it to control the settings.

I have a two tuner model, and I can record two shows at once as well as watch both shows live. It does not use two tuners to watch and record a single show, just one.

Hmm, I had hoped it would work as you describe but for me I had two channels going live and when I hit record on one channel the other got bumped off.

You can watch what is recording. Just uses one tuner.

Good news, I'm hoping my issues are all related to poor OTA signal.

I think that the Plex channel uses a tuner to watch live.  If you have the same show recording, that will use a tuner as well.

@ddd671, hmmm… good to know.

I think that the Plex channel uses a tuner to watch live.  If you have the same show recording, that will use a tuner as well.

This may have been what I experienced. I would have expected some form of warning to say I am currently watching 2 shows, do I want to proceed with the recording.  I get a similr message when I exceed the tuners in my FIOS box.

@cjcox I am not 100% certain, but that is how my system behaves.  I can record a program and watch the same program fed from Plex to my FireTV.  If I log in with a Chrome browser via the webapp, I can watch the same program but not another one. 

I have a two tuner Tablo. This is one of the many reasons I am wanting the native FireTV app.

Just my $.02.