New user - I don't have the option to play anything?!?

Hello all.  I’m a new Tablo owner/user as of today.  But I might not be a user tomorrow if the darn thing won’t play anything.  Setup was a breeze. I had no issue whatsoever.  It updated itself, it receives all the channels I’m supposed to have, and I can see the guide and set recordings… BUT it won’t let me play anything.  I don’t even have the option to hit ‘play’ on live channels.  I’ve tried playing live programming through the Tablo app, through Chrome on my phone, through Chrome on my laptop, and nothing.  The stinking ‘play’ button is nowhere to be found.  I thought there was a Tablo app for FireTV and I can’t find it there or else I would have tried there too.

It can’t be this hard to watch TV with this thing.  I’ve tried watching TV now for almost two hours and it’s not happening.  Can anybody help?

Update - I now have the ‘play’ button in in Chrome and it’s casting sort of.  It’s only casting the audio and not the video.  I still don’t have the ability to play anything in the tablo app on my phone (Note 4).

To play on Live Channels hit the actual channel number then you will go to live. For recordings you should see a play button.

Wow! Thanks so much for your quick help.  That’s the only thing I hadn’t done yet was to actually tap on the channel itself.  Nowhere anywhere does it say to do that.  Got everything working now.  Rebooted my laptop and casting is working correctly now as well.  I’m feeling better about my purchase now.  Thanks!

There’s a VLC plugin that will let you convert the Tablo records to MP4 and then you can burn them to CD or copy to usb drive to view with no internet.  Only problem is that if the recording is over 2 hours and 15 minutes it doesn’t do the whole show.

@TabloTV said they were working on an app sometime in 2014 but I don’t think it is available yet.

@LoriM - Sorry this was a bit confusing for you! We’re actually going to work on a ‘welcome to Tablo’ webinar course for new users that will give you a video overview of how to use Tablo. We hope this will be easier to use for some folks who prefer videos to reading user manuals :) 

I think there are some members here who could easily create a lot of that sort of content.

There’s already quite a few tips here in unorganized fashion for those who search but sometimes SEEing is more helpful. There’s a bazillion youtube videos out there, surely someone can create a few Tablo clips just as easily. 

@TabloTV how about a welcome video that plays upon first use of a new Tablo??

@Jestep - An in-app tour could be pretty cool. Will definitely suggest it but it’s not something we could do on all of our platforms.