NEW - Update for Tablo ROKU Channel (2.3.0 & 2.3.2)

Happy Friday Folks!

A new update for the Tablo ROKU channel is now available.

You can check for the channel update by navigating from your Roku Home screen to Settings > System > System Update.

NOTE - This does NOT yet include fixes we are currently testing to work around the issues some folks are experiencing since their ROKU devices updated to ROKU OS 8.

That being said, it does include some great stuff we’ll think you’ll enjoy.

Tablo ROKU Update - 2.3.0

• Adds Prime Time screen to Guide
• Adds ability to begin playback of ‘Up Next’ recording from the main Recordings screen
• Significant performance improvements for the Live TV grid

We hope you enjoy this update! Please share any feedback you have below.

I thought I heard that the original plan for Roku OS 8 was to roll out it out automatically for all targeted devices by the end of December.

Then there was rumors that the auto update was converted to manual update for those devices.

Would “Settings > System > System Update” be considered a manual request to update the OS to version 8?

When oh when will we ever see Roku support for Tablo Connect?

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Probably after all the apps get the same filters on the guide and the filters are actually useful.

I’m still waiting for them to fix a pause/resume bug in the extend live area that goes back 20+ months. Of course once football season is over that bug won’t be as annoying.

We believed this to be addressed fully in the last firmware release… Are you still having problems?

Release Notes for 2.2.16:
• Significant update to improve guide download reliability
• Fix to maintain resume playback position within the ‘extended’ portion of extended recordings
• Other reliability and performance enhancements

There is a defined plan to add support for this in the API that ROKU uses. I don’t have a specific ETA for when the feature will be ready because it still needs to be created on the server-side, but it will happen.

Thanks, but the thing I don’t understand after being with Tablo for more than a year, is that the Tablo site maintains that Roku is the most popular streaming device but there still is no ETA.

The functionality apparently exists with all other main stream devices.

To clarify, ROKU and Apple TV (as well as the Preview app for Android/FireTV) use our newer API for communication between the devices and Tablo. This API does not yet have Tablo Connect available, so the apps that use it can’t support it.

Our older API, which is the communication method for all other devices/apps, DOES already support Tablo Connect.

As you can imagine, supporting two different APIs and a laundry list of apps is a tall order. This is part of the reason we’re migrating more apps over to the new API so we can focus new feature development there.

We don’t share specific ETAs publicly for competitive reasons and also because needs and priorities can shift.

While we realize it’s frustrating not to have a solid answer on ‘when’, know that there are solid plans to make this happen.


" Fix to maintain resume playback position within the ‘extended’ portion of extended recordings"

I think I posted in the 2.2.16 thread that it wasn’t fixed.

But lets try to explain it for the 5th or 6th time.

  1. Let’s assume Roku - but that shouldn’t matter.

  2. The extend live option is turned on.

  3. You schedule a NFL recording that is 12PM-3PM.

  4. The extend time is usually 1.5 hours. - end recording time = 4:30PM

  5. You start watching the recording at 2PM.

  6. If you pause the playback between 3:01PM-4:29PM clock time. Back out of the app and reenter and try to play the game recording, you can only play from the start. The playback was paused before the original 3PM end time but the recording is in the extend time. Thus the clock time between is 3:01PM-4:29PM

  7. The same is true if the playback time is in the extend time 3:01PM-4:29PM but also before the end time - 4:30PM.

  8. Once record actually reaches 4:30PM pause/resume works regardless of where you are in the playback.

  9. So there are only two fail points to test.

We passed along your steps to our QA team, thanks!

Interesting. So they fixed the bug where you couldn’t resume in the extended portion of an extended recording when the recording is complete, but it still doesn’t work while the recording is still going on. Correct?

If you are watch the recording (not live TV) and you’re recorded viewing positioned is anywhere when the current recording position is after the scheduled end but before the extended end time, the resume option is not available.

If you pause the viewing and exit out of the app, when you reenter the app and go to the episode and hit play it starts at the beginning. If on Roku you hit OK on the episode on the next lower menu only start and not start or resume is displayed.

Saw it Saturday 11/25. Since in Southern California football games start from 9AM-10AM, it’s fairly normal to pause in the extended time to do yard work or go to the beach.

Oops. I’m off to water the yard and plants.

I am not technical enough to know what is causing what but after upgrading all my Rokus to version 8 and 2.3, things are working better, especially on my Roku 2 (2720X) boxes. I manually checked for updates on one of my Roku 2 boxes for version 8.0 after the update appeared on the first box after a reboot. The Roku 3 updated automatically. I have started rebooting my router, Tablo and Rokus when I go to bed.

Thank you for the work that you have put into the changes.

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Thank you for the update… There is a noticeable improvement with Live TV grid… :slight_smile:

Should get even speedier once you’ve got the newest firmware as well :smiley:

Roku app ignores tablo server startup section settings as well as the last section this tablo server was left in.

Even when properly disconnecting from the tablo server and exiting the Roku app, when the app is reentered it launches into the section it left in.

Because Roku has a limited main menu selections lets assume you have 3 tablo units.

  1. You start the Roku tablo app and connect to tablo1. Enter the scheduled menu. You use the back button to exit/disconnect back to the main Tablo app.

  2. You then connect to tablo 2. Enter the Recordings section. You use the back button to exit/disconnect back to the main Tablo app.

  3. You then connect to tablo 3. Enter the Guide section. You use the back button to exit/disconnect back to the main Tablo app.

  4. you then back arrow out of the tablo app. And then run a different app like WatchEspn. Then exit that app.

  5. You then run the tablo app and connect to tablo 1. Which launches you into the guide section.

  6. This is neither the Startup section selection for any of the tablo servers nor the last section that this tablo (tablo1) was left in.

Tablo Roku app updated to build 2. What has changed?

We’ve added some minor tweaks which should work around some of the issues experienced since the ROKU OS 8 update.

There are more coming via an upcoming firmware update as well.

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Roku 2 Tablo app reports 2.3 build 2 which I assume is still the latest.

Happy to report that the problem of the Roku resetting if a recording is played to the end seems to be solved.

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@IanL That is indeed the latest & greatest. Glad to hear that the workaround is working for you!