New tv station

KBVO - CD 14.1 in Austin just went live this afternoon. It is a retransmit of KBVO 14.1 in Llano. Please do what you can to get EPG data. Thanks in advance.

Somehow HAS the updated channel already - KBVO-CD 14.1.  @TabloSupport just thought I would mention another tv listings source. 

@TabloSuppport is there someway that you can give us an option to substitute the EPG from a list that we create ourselves on TitanTV?  I HAVE managed to create 17-4 by searching for Mi Casa and then it lets you put in how you want it to look when it displays, so I put MCBN. is THE BEST EPG I have seen, and it is FREE.  Just need a way to link it to the Tablo.  There is also once you have created an account for viewing on phones.  I also created the list for 14-1. 

@beastman There’s no way to sub in guide data from a separate provider, but we’ve flagged this issue with our guide data provider, and they’re working on having it added now.

@TabloSupport - thanks.  I’ll let you know when the next new channel is added, which will be around the end of March / early April.  It’s going to be and I’ve heard it will be on 54-2.  Any way to add the schedule before the channel is live?

@TabloSupport I would like to record the remaining games (I missed the rest because the station was only 75 watts),  the schedule is  How can I record the games (unless the EPG is fixed by then) Since the first one isn’t until March 31, I am optimistic that the EPG will be fixed by then.

@Beastman Unfortunately we need to channel to be live before we can flag data on it, but I’ll chat with our guide data provider to see if there’s any way to jump start this process. They may have more details on this.

If the data isn’t in by March 31, you can create a manual recording for this time slot.

Another new TV station, which most likely will be LOTS of locations is Buzzr TV on May 31, 2015.  It will be on Fox subchannels.  In Austin, TX I am assuming it will be 7-3 based on 7-1 being FOX, and 7-2 being Movies! for more details.

@TabloSupport I confirmed with KTBC FOX
7 in Austin and 7.3 will be the station. Just need to wait for May 31.

@TabloSupport how long does it normally take to add a new TV station to the EPG? Is there some way that you can make another stations schedule onto a station or do you have to wait?  14.1 in Austinm TX is the same as 27.1 in the Austin market.

@TabloSupport IF I give you a channel to get the data from, will you have your EPG guide just copy it?  KWSD-DT2 is the CORRECT schedule for 17-5 in Austin, TX and is what I used to create a schedule on so at least I have a schedule to follow and can use manual recording.  I’ve been trying to get this schedule now for a MONTH.  Is there a way you can get a MORE RESPONSIVE program guide provider?


Unfortunately we can’t sub in or sub out existing data. Since our guide data provider has to maintain a database for both the US and Canada, they maintain these requests through a fairly specific process since it’s on such a large scale.

I’ve pinged them for an update on this, and I’ve escalated the ticket since then. Even with the above in mind, it is taking them unnaturally long to get this done. That said, the hold up is usually in acquiring the data from the broadcaster on a consistent basis. The time it takes to add the data doesn’t take too long once they have it.

They put the wrong data. My Titantv listings are correct. The problem is there are multiple KBVO stations and I WATCHED and picked the one that matched what I was seeing. The schedule they picked is the same as KNVADT instead of KBVODT.  It is wrong EVERYWhere except TitanTV.   That is why I wish we could use Titantv in the Tablo. I even created a fake channel for BYUTV which can be streamed and a ROKU channel so I know what is on it...such as sports and Sue Thomas FBEye. I even saw "Follow Me Boys" on it which is an old Disney movie staring Fred McMurray.

Sorry it postedtwice. Was on my phone