New to Tablo TV - issue

Recently got Tablo TV, 2023 model. On my iphone, I can watch live tv, watch recorded shows etc. The guide shows, everything works as it should. But on tablo app on my Apple TV (on my TV), when I click on watch now for a live broadcast or try to playback what I have recorded, all I get is a black screen on the TV. I can see the entire guide, I can see what Ive recoded, I just cant seem to watch it. Any guidance?

The new white Tablo is not compatible with the Apple TV as of yet. They keep saying coming soon.

Even though there’s an app to download for Apple TV? Is the way my issue is presenting (blank screen) indicative of their “coming soon”? even thought on their site there’s a how to?

Thanks for the reply

If you have a white tablo it will not work with the legacy app. They said one is coming soon but for now you can only watch it on iPad and iPhone as far as Apple devices. And when tvOS 17 came out it broke the legacy app and now the old tablo (black) will not work on the updated tvOS. I called support when I updated and they told me the old units was not a priority. I’ve never had problems that wasn’t fixed within three days but it seams like they have abandon support for the older black ones, because it has been almost a month that the legacy app has not been updated for tvOS.

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Thank you! At least I know it’s not user error

I’m also in limbo with my “Legacy” Tablo since upgrading to tvOS 17! It’s totally unusable. Truly disappointed in the once stellar customer support by Nuyvvo.

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My workaround for $20. I bought a Roku express just for this


Roku and apple are notorious for coming out with major OS releases that seem to mess things up. I picked firetv stick as a fall back for roku releases. And I hate the firetv stick UI and tablo app. But you need something as a fall back to.

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Apple has an extensive beta period for this very reason: test architecture.


how hard is it to detect the phone is running hot. or the battery is draining to quickly.

Over the weekend, Apple blamed several factors for reports of iPhone 15s running hot, pointing to problems with specific apps like Instagram and Uber, post-transfer background processing, and unspecified bugs in iOS 17.

Any update from Tablo on iOS 17 support? I had the beta and until release, was wonderful.

I thought of doing the same thing. That’s practical

I was hit the Uber draining my battery from 100% to 40% in 2-3 hours. You can check under the battery section to see which apps are using what they were on #1 battery drain.

Best decision. Full functionality for ~$20.

App is for Legacy Tablo