New to Tablo thanks to Amazon ($169.99)

Thanks! The unit appeared to be brand new, I didn’t notice any scratches or signs of extensive use.

How did you innate the refund? I just bought mine for $299 as well.


Contact Amazon directly - they can give you a refund on the $269.99 price. As long as you bought it from Amazon originally.

I just did this, got an immediate response. Normally the product has to be purchased within 7 days, but they gave me a one time exception and refunded the 30 bucks.

@master_yoda Just a few comments on your post…

2.) I have a first gen Roku 2, and yes, the new Roku preview app is definitely a little slower than the old app. It would be nice if Tablo would keep the older app around for older devices, but that might be a maintenance and support nightmare for them. I have a Roku 3 coming on Friday, so I’ll let you know how it performs on that.
3.) I notice at most a couple of buffering occurrences when I first start watching a channel, but it doesn’t seem too bad to me,
5.) Agreed. I would like to see them add channel changing with the up and down arrows.
6.) I’m using a Toshiba Canvio 1TB which I believe is 5400rpm. I haven’t really experienced any issues with it thus far, but I don’t have a 7200rpm to compare.
7.) I tested remote viewing on both my cell connection and on the WiFi at work. I must say it works pretty darn good. I have the remote streaming quality set to 750 kbps. I have a 2Mbps upload on my connection.

Enjoy your Tablo. I’ve just been using one for one evening and I’m sold on this device. This community is awesome as well!

Nullpoynter, thanks for your comments. Let me know about Roku 3 experience, as I may get one to replace a chromecast stick on my other TV.

One more comment, I haven’t been able to figure out if guide on Roku has show info capability. It would be nice to know the synopsis of a show/movie before you start recording it.

Amazon has somewhat ‘tightened’ the credit for price changes in recent years, but unless you abuse them, they have always given me “a one time exception” for issues like the one you just had.
Great company to deal with in all my experiences (which are numerous with them).

@MotobikeMan Sorry, I didn’t see your post until now, but I see you figured exactly what to do! :smile:

Normally amazon only offers a 7 day match. If you POLITELY point out the fact that most retailers will match 30 days, more often then not they’ll take care of you (assuming you’re not doing this kind of thing all the time, or abusing the system).

Always remember that you catch more bees with honey than you do with vinegar, as my grandpa used to say.

If a refur notify @tablotv and it wll get fixed

I’m not disagreeing with your comments about being polite when asking for a refund. It really does help.

The old more flies with honey than vinegar just rubs me the wrong way. I actually did the experiment on a summer day. I set out a saucer of balsamic, and a saucer of honey. The flies went to the balsamic and the bees went to the honey. Go figure.

@ddd671 HAHA, that’s pretty funny. No one ever said that old wise tales were scientifically accurate! :wink:

It’s also funny how the wise tales get changed by region, you hear files, I always heard bees (which is kinda weird, why would honey attract bees? They make the stuff! Then again, they do like sugar).