New to Tablo thanks to Amazon ($169.99)

I’ve been lurking on this site for the last week reading up on Tablo because I really want to cut the cord at home. My monthly cable bill has recently increased to just shy of $170. I’m really starting to think that Tablo + Sling TV may be the perfect combo. I just checked Amazon and they have the 2 tuner model for $169.99, so I picked one up. So, for anyone interested like me check out Amazon. It looks like they have the best deal for the moment. If Tablo woks out for me, it will pretty much pay for itself in a few months. I just hope Tablo as a company is stable. I’ve been burned by young companies in this sector before (I’m looking at you Moxi), but hopefully this time will be different. Anyway, wish me luck!!!

That’s a great deal for a dual tuner. The quad tuner is on sale for $270 USD too.

@nullpoynter Welcome!

I hope you enjoy the Tablo, and I’ll think you’ll find that folks around here are pretty friendly and a tremendous resource when and if you have problems.

Thanks @ddd671. This seems like a great community… Now I just need to do some research on antennas. Initially, I’ll probably just buy something local at either Best Buy or Walmart to test things out. I should be able to easily pick up the main stations in my area. I’ve never been more pumped about dumping cable TV!

If you want some advice don’t be shy about asking–antennas are kinda one of my “things.” Check out before you start as it will give you a good baseline view of what you can expect and what direction the towers are relative to you.

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I got mine at Best Buy, it’s an Antennas Direct ClearStream 2V.

I have it roof mounted and it has been great so far

Wow this is a fantastic deal! My dad was waiting for a deal on the 4-tuner to jump on it.

@ddd671 I’ve downloaded an Android app on my phone, DTV Antennas, that lists the distance and direction of the antenna. It appears that I have 3 channels in the 10 mile range, a couple around 20 miles, another one around 33 miles, and the CW channel looks like it’s around 62 miles out. My first thought was to give one of the indoor Winegard or Mohu antennas a try to start out. If those don’t get it done I could look at mounting one in the attic. We are not allowed to have outdoor antennas in my neighborhood. Do you have any suggestions?

Edit: I went to and searched by zip code. This is what is listed.

It looks like you are in a better situation than I am. I ended up with an 8-bay mounted on my roof, but I’m about 50 miles from the towers. Your biggest issue is that your towers are at four different bearings. If you are willing to forego the ION TV and one of the PBS stations, all of your sources are within a 20-degree window. The Mohu style antennas have about a 20-degree aperture.

I would recommend one of these for a test: This is the Amazon branded clone of the Mohu Leaf. It is $20 or so cheaper, and Amazon has a very forgiving return policy if it doesn’t work. I’d point it at about 145 degrees and start tuning from there.

Good luck!

@nullpoynter - Thanks for your purchase! We hope you enjoy your Tablo.

Our users are a great resource for antenna suggestions but we also have some additional information on our blog that may be helpful.

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Dual tuner is now $180 USD on Amazon, looks like you got a real good deal.

@theuser86 Lol… I guess I lucked out! They must have dropped the price for one day just to get me to buy one :slight_smile: It’s due for delivery on Tuesday. I can’t wait to try it out.

@TabloTV Thanks! I’m going to try purchasing a Mohu Leaf 50 locally just to try out my new Tablo setup. Then if I decide to keep the Tablo, I’ll make a decision whether to stick with the Mohu Leaf, go with another indoor antenna, or mount one in the attic. The users in this forum have already been very helpful, so I’m looking forward to be apart of the Tablo community.

Amazon just raised the price. It is now $179.00. I waited a day to late. :frowning:

It’s still lower than regular price Shane. We’re usually at $199.99.

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I ordered my 4 tuner a few weeks back at $299, and Amazon refunded the difference! :slight_smile:

Amazon still has the 4 tuner for $269.99…

@ddd671 Woohoo! Dropped by my Best Buy today and picked up a Mohu Leaf 50 to try out on just the TV. I wanted something that was easy to return if it was a stinker. Anyway, hooked it directly up to my TV and I received every channel but ION. I would say that’s pretty darn good. I just received the Tablo today, so I’ll be trying that shortly assuming I don’t fall asleep first. Hopefully that setup goes just as smooth. I’ll report back later, probably with plenty of questions too :wink:

That’s great! I’m glad you can get by with an indoor antenna.

For your next trick you should try to get that ION station. For the experiment, you’ll need another antenna (as the ION station is way off axis), a regular 2-way splitter, and some RG-6 Coax with ends already crimped. I would consider a Yagi style antenna for the ION station as it is so far away.

Point your Mohu at your other stations, and then the new antenna towards the ION-TV tower. Run the coax cable from both antennas through the splitter–backwards if you will. You are using the 2-way not as a signal splitter, but a signal mixer. Take the output of the mixer and plug into Tablo. Hopefully you will have all of your stations.

Potential problems:

  1. Your Mohu amplifier may not power through the splitter. In that case you will need to rig it up on the antenna side of the splitter/mixer
  2. the splitter/mixer will cause about a 4dB loss of signal. Depending on how strong the source is, you may lose channels.
  3. Mixing signals this way is just asking for multipath issues. All you can do is try it and see.

Good Luck!

So, do you think there is any chance of picking up ION and the other channels with just one antenna? What about an attic antenna? By the time I buy two indoor antenna (that may or may not work through the splitter) I could probably buy an attic antenna for the same or less money. What do you think?