New to Tablo: Lots of missing cover art

Hi! I just got a Tablo Quad, and today I activated my free month of full guide access.

I’m noticing a lot of missing cover art – probably something like 40-50% or more shows just have blue boxes with white titles. And these are popular shows: things like Sesame Street, Curious George, Daniel Tiger, America’s Test Kitchen, Chicago P.D., Blue Bloods. I’ve refreshed the guide data. This is happening in the browser, the android app, and the Roku app, so it’s not specific to a single app.

Hoping I’m missing something simple here.


Still missing after several hours? If so, call Tablo support

Reboot your Tablo. And then reboot your playback device.

It had been about 4 hours when I last checked it.

I’ll try the reboots when I get home tonight. Didn’t think about that (though the fact that a reboot would be required to get cover art tells me there’s either bad design or a bug somewhere in the software :confused:). Will report back!


Do you have a solid internet connection and are you connected to the Quad via WiFi or with Ethernet?

I do! On a Google fiber 100Mbps up/down line, and the Tablo is connected over Ethernet.

Cover art downloading is a background process with a low bandwidth limit. For a brand new box with lots of channels (and shows) it can take a day to finish.

Ah! I see. Good to know!

Well, I’ll check it when I get home and if I’m still missing a lot of art, I’ll try a reboot.


Ok. 24 hours in, still missing lots of art. Tried rebooting, but didn’t do a thing.

Then, I tried manually refreshing the guide data. I had done that last night, but… I don’t know if it also needed to be rebooted or what, but that seemed to do the trick.

I have covers for nearly all of my shows and movies now. The remaining missing covers all seem to be later in the alphabet (Super Why, Wheel of Fortune, Word World). Not sure if that’s coincidence or if covers are downloaded in alphabetical order.

Thanks for the help!

How fast is your internet speed?

I’m on a Google Fiber 100Mbps line, up and down.